Wazoku is all about great ideas. In fact, Wazoku means “great idea” in Swahili. It believes in the power of capturing and developing good ideas so have developed an easy to use idea management tool for your organisation. It is turning idea management into a social process.

Idea Spotlight is a web-based idea capture and innovation management tool that helps organisations of all sizes to uncover, filter and prioritise the best ideas. Because inspiration can come from anywhere, Idea Spotlight enables everyone to create, share and evaluate ideas with an equal voice.

It is different from other idea management companies. Here’s why:

  • Integrate with leading enterprise technology including Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Sharepoint, Jive, tibbr and many more to put innovation and ideas right at the heart of your daily working life
  • Developed a number of unique features, such as Recommendation Engine, so ideas can find the right pathways through your organisation
  • It provides full service support in the UK, from implementation, trainings to user support
  • No buzzwords, no fluffy concepts, just practical guidance and measurable ROI


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